What Are Our Data Sources?

We use a vast collection of strictly open source data. This includes social media data from platforms like twitter and linkedin as well as domain information from providers like whois.

Our Story

IA is a company I started from just an idea back in 2019 when my father asked me to figure out a solution to his problem. He had been running sales teams for almost 20 years by that point and always struggled with visibility inside sales targets, my task was to create visibility where there was none.

It took a whole year to develop the first algorithm and create real meaningful results, this felt like a lifetime but it paid off as now we can offer 90% accuracy on our data. Year 2 was more focused on branding and really getting to a place where it wasn’t just a heap of tools and code on my MacBook but a heap of tools and code hosted in the cloud.

Fast forward to the present day we are providing even deeper insight not just into sales targets but entire marketing campaigns and evaluating vast sums of data. We’ve assembled an amazing team devoted to solving even more difficult problems than when I started out. We’re utilising technology right on the bleeding edge of what’s possible and this culture of innovation will reflect in the increasing success of our clients.

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